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OK, lets say that – we are born, we work, we live, we die; then what? – say we don’t work because society has achieved a level where work is minimal and everyone wants to be apart of what is needed to be done.

how does the object of dying really occur ., that is the object of life to end and the object of the end is to "start all over again"

lets push the mind eraser button a few times with say some sort of wasted drug that does that … did we die or just not remember what it was we were doing .. and say after a catatonia comatose like state we realized that death and life are nothing neither the same nor different and what happens next is as meaningless as what just happened…

how do you know that?
what does it mean to know anything at all or nothing at all?

I believe the mind can be as blank as it thinks it is… right this is all paradoxes "in life" but what of the other things that are there…or not there?

I really don’t remember being born and probably will not remember dieing so maybe just going to sleep is like a little death … yet they say it refreshes then there is the big death they say "you are born again" then there is extinction sorta like the race and that DNA protein development is no more.

As there is the death of God .., (just out of boredom itself probably) so is the end really remembered by anyone who experiences it.

Just say for instance we see the death of a race of beings in some far off galaxy then what?

what are we actually looking at /// at that time?


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I eat sleep drink and live music.
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